4 x 4 Stars 4 Misunderstood“A well-written and absorbing tale,” and “it was simply ‘divalicious’!” sounded some of the comments about ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen in the latest reviews of the novel by professional reviewers on Readers’ Favorite.

Readers’ Favorite consists of 500+ professional reviewers. Also, running the yearly Readers’ Favorite Book Award contest within the main categories: Children Books, Young Adult, Christian, Fiction, Non-fiction, Romance and Poetry. In 2014 no other than Jim Carrey became a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Children – Concept category for his children’s book “How Roland Rolls.”

4-5/5 Stars to ‘Misunderstood’

Five independent, professional reviewers of Readers’ Favorite all rated ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ with 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.

“I am a very long way from my high school days, but ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ by Anya Valentino brought those days back to me in a wild literary rush, “Ray Simmons states for Readers’ Favorite and continues: “The young protagonist feels heartbreakingly authentic. And the sharp, crisp, writing by Anya Valentino with just the right touch of irony and satire lifts ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ to a level above your average coming of age story.”

“I feel very overwhelmed yet humble about all the flattering comments from all the reviewers of Readers’ Favorite. ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ is my first published novel, after all, and I’m still independently testing the online book market as I go doing everything myself from working on my upcoming novels, copywriting, PR, interviews, to social media and online marketing, which can be quite challenging and time-consuming,” Author, Anya Valentino, comments and adds:

“I’m truly excited that the professional reviewers allegedly has comprehended the fact that my novel ‘misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ is very ironic and sarcastic at times, and in many ways not the usual “happily-ever-after“ teen story (hence the broken face on the cover of the book). Not all readers get that! There are even times when the young protagonist, Enya Utzon, isn’t likeable at all. To my mind, that makes her the more real. Ultimately, no one is perfect. Especially not being pressured, humiliated, no supporting parents around, rejected by the one you love, and pushed out of your comfort zone to take action against an unknown friend-enemy potentially threatening your social status and your Queen crown!”

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