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Xmas Book Deal – Only $2.99

“The young protagonist feels heartbreakingly authentic. And the sharp, crisp, writing by Anya Valentino with just the right touch of irony and satire lifts ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ to a level above your average coming of age story” and “This book is just … fabulous! I can totally imagine Rachel McAdams here. Fabulously mean!” is […]

Short Story: Turning Point by Anya Valentino

Starring into the ocean. The waves. The endless blue. Looking for answers. For a solution. To be relieved from this burden on my shoulders. What is the purpose of my life now? How am I to go on? No understanding. No real love. No support. Nothing. Simply nothing. The hypnotizing movement of the waves made […]

YA Buddy Readers Corner Challenge 2016

“Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen” is a part of the YA Buddy Readers’ Corner Challenge on Goodreads in 2016. Fans and reviewers of young adult fiction has read and reviewed the novel since February 2016 – And it’s still not too late to join…
” The protagonist wasn’t the most likable character! ”
The young protagonist […]

Review: The Bibliophile 2016

Since February 2016 ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ has been a part of YA Buddy Readers’ Corner Challenge on Goodreads. Blogger Avantika Chatterjee was quick to read and review the novel.
” What if evil is actually on the good side as well? ”
“Do you remember the movie, ‘High-school musical’? It was one of […]

Review by Annelise Lestrange

Brazilian blogger Annelise Lestrange is already excited about the sequel to “Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen” after reading and reviewing the book and has partnered up with Anya Valentino, author of the novel. Annelise describes herself as a bookworm, book lover and book collector that writes about her passions.
Annelise Lestrange’s Recap of the Storyline
Enya […]

Xmas Deal

“Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen” tells the story of Enya Utzon; a true teen Queen who has it all except true love!

As teen Queen of Bel Air high school, it’s easy for Enya to believe she can have everything her way – but her crown is about to be put to the test!!…

Read […]

Review: 4/5 Stars – Kingdom of Books

“Reading this book is definitely a fun ride! I managed to read this book in a day. I couldn’t put it down! The thing i liked the most about this book is the Characters. I find them all equally interesting! My favourite character is James. I love his character so much.” says blogger Umairah Radzi […]

Review by Read Everyday / thegeekyauror

“Beauty, brains, friends, money and fame. Enya Utzon has everything any teen would want in their life. She is crowned as the Teen Queen of Bel-Air High School. Everyone adores her, admires her, they look up to her. Sheez, I even liked her.

But beneath those fabulousness is a misunderstood teen,” blogger Angela of the blog Read Everyday, also know as thegeekyauror, […]

Self-Publishing Review: Author Interview

“I love the freedom and challenge of being an independent author and publisher doing everything myself just the way I prefer it and with a twist!” Author, Anya Valentino, replies to Self-Publishing Review when asked about how she came to self-publish and adds:

“That being said, it requires the ability to “kill your darlings”, use your social network, […]

4-5/5 Stars to “Misunderstood” – Readers’ Favorite

“A well-written and absorbing tale,” and “it was simply ‘divalicious’!” sounded some of the comments about ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen in the latest reviews of the novel by professional reviewers on Readers’ Favorite.

Readers’ Favorite consists of 500+ professional reviewers. Also, running the yearly Readers’ Favorite Book Award contest within the main categories: […]