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Interview: Blogger Queen Nicay

Blogger Queen Nicay behind the blog ‘The Nerdy side of a Queen’ was after reading and reviewing ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ particular interested in why the protagonist, Enya Utzon, in the book first comes across as a nice girl, but then becomes a b****?

“As a Teen Queen and a social leader, Enya […]

Review: Is Enya Utzon really a B****?

This question was raised in the latest review of ‘Misunderstood Secrets of a Teen Queen’ by Blogger Monica also known as Queen Nicay and creator of TakeaPicwiththeAuthor.
Enya Uzton is a filthy rich teen girl. She’s a fashionista and a role model for many girls in the Los Angeles area. Responsibility comes with her position as Queen […]

Exclusive Interview: TheNatashaReads

International Blogger, Natasha Ly, of the blog TheNatashaReads was quick to contact Anya Valentino for an exclusive interview.

“You always read teen novels or watch movies where the shy underdog of a girl becomes popular and in the end “gets the guy” and then allegedly has everything and lives “happily ever after” – and the popular girl is often just […]

Review: TheNatashaReads – Rating 4.8/5

“I am deeply in love with this book! ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ is not a normal fun and girly story that a bibliophile would normally read…” Natasha, Blogger and Book Reviewer, starts and adds:

“I managed to read this book within a day, after Anya Valentino gave me an eBook copy of her book! […]

Interview with Author, Anya Valentino

In Copenhagen, Denmark, Danish Blogger and Designer, Stine Kim Nielsen, met up for an exclusive interview with indie author, Anya Valentino.

Stine Kim Nielsen is an established businesswoman. She has worked for years in a managing position until creating her own clothing brand “StineKimDesign” and company with the same name where she is now known for her signature […]