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Ray Simmons
Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite

The young protagonist feels heartbreakingly authentic.

– And the sharp, crisp, writing by Anya Valentino
with just the right touch of irony and satire lifts
‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’
to a level above your average coming of age story

Clueless Meets Heathers:
A fresh Look into the Dark Lifestyle
that Upper Class Society Tries
so Desperately to Hide!

Appelusa McGlynn
Actress & Photographer

Stine Kim Nielsen
Designer, Blogger & Owner of StineKimDesign

‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’
gives ‘Gossip Girl’ a run for their money

The Page-Turning and Unpredictably Exciting Life
of a Teen Queen tangling you up in a Dazzling World
of High Class, Clothes and Social Events
– It’s Gossip Girl moves to Bel Air, but with an
Unbearable Anticipation and Story Twisting Edge
that keeps you at the Tip of your Toes!

Vanessa Cardoza

Vanessa Cardoza
College Student

Tasha_Blurb 2

Tasha Hardy
Award-winning Producer & Screenwriter

Unbearably Tense but Smoothly Eloquent
Teen Drama
– Right at your High Heels!
neon heels and purse