SPR Interview Pic Anya Valentino“I love the freedom and challenge of being an independent author and publisher doing everything myself just the way I prefer it and with a twist!” Author, Anya Valentino, replies to Self-Publishing Review when asked about how she came to self-publish and adds:

“That being said, it requires the ability to “kill your darlings”, use your social network, get insight into the online book industry, understand your readers, and remember to hire the right people for things like editing, cover design, ePub/mobi-conversions, marketing, PR etc. if you are serious about your book and your writing.”

Self-Publishing Review is a company and site representing indie authors and featuring news about authors, who choose to self-publish as well as reviewing and editing their books. Therefore, Self-Publishing Review did not hesitate to publish an interview with Danish-American Indie Author, Anya Valentino.

Anya Valentino as a Danish-American Author

Self-Publishing Review was curious about what drove Anya Valentino to write this particular book (referring to ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’)?

“As a Danish-American getting more and more embedded in both cultures with friends and family across both sides of the Atlantic, I wanted to create a protagonist representing values and characteristic from both counties,” Anya answers and continues:

“The story itself underlines the irony of how the glamorous lifestyle “on the cover” and “in the spotlight”, within the entertainment industry, is perceived as the ultimate happiness in life in the States and especially in Los Angeles versus in Denmark where having a family, a stable job, a nice house (not necessarily big), and vacationing together are all many Danish people live for (which might be the reason that Denmark is often rated the happiest country in the world).

The novel gives the reader an insight into Teen Queen and Fashionista, Enya Utzon’s, allegedly perfect life having the reader experience being popular and living in a big mansion in Bel Air, go to all those upscale events in LA surrounded by celebrities, and travel exciting places in the world but at heart longing for a more simple lifestyle and true love. It is up to the readers to make up their own mind as to what leads to true happiness in life – and does the protagonist, Enya Utzon, really have the recipe?”

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