Booksandarts“Reading this book is definitely a fun ride! I managed to read this book in a day. I couldn’t put it down! The thing i liked the most about this book is the Characters. I find them all equally interesting! My favourite character is James. I love his character so much.” says blogger Umairah Radzi behind the blog ‘Kingdom of Books’ as well as ‘The Magical Book Shop’.

“The events seemed to fit perfectly together to create a wonderfully engaging book. The girls’ trip to Denmark was awesome!” Umairah Radzi further comments in her review of the novel ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ by Author, Anya Valentino.

“I look forward to more of her books in the future. I think teens will definitely love this book. Once you read it you are going to fall in love with it!” Umairah finally comments in her review of the book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars to ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’.

The sequel to ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ is planned on being released in the beginning of 2017.

Interview with Anya Valentino

International blogger Umairah Radzi also wanted to know more about the author behind the book ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’. She did an exclusive interview with Anya Valentino on her blog ‘Kingdom of Books’.

“The stories I write usually give an alternative view on the subjectively perceived reality from different character’s viewpoint, and the characters are colorful and never just “black and white”. I’m a fan of irony and set the story, characters and storyline into a larger life perspective adding a good dash of drama, suspense, romance and humor with a twist.” Author, Anya Valentino answered to Umairah Radzi’s question telling about her style of writing.

When did you decide to become a writer and what made you decide to sit down and actually start something? Umairah asked.

“Becoming a writer wasn’t a decision I made from one day to another. I’ve always been creative drawing and painting, especially portraits, as well as writing short stories on a personal plan among other things. However, seriously starting to write began as a seed in my mind on a travel to LA back in 2008, when I met my husband but also a special man named Elliott. Elliott was at that point a stranger, but is now my muse, who is with me in the back of my mind when writing although he is no longer physically with us on this earth.” Read the story on my main page in short here

How can readers discover more about you and you work? Umairah asked curiously to get more insight.

Anya commented: “Readers can follow my life as an author, get insight, read updates, book excerpts, reviews, interviews, and news about my work on my website and on these social media pages:

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