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Brazilian blogger Annelise Lestrange is already excited about the sequel to “Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen” after reading and reviewing the book and has partnered up with Anya Valentino, author of the novel. Annelise describes herself as a bookworm, book lover and book collector that writes about her passions.

Annelise Lestrange’s Recap of the Storyline

Enya is the epitome of the queen teen stereotype: she is gorgeous, rich, breathes perfection, has tons of friends, the perfect closet, a beautiful boy that would do anything for her. Everybody wants to be Enya Utzon. Or almost everybody.

Despite loving her life, Enya yearns for true love – not camaraderie. She wants a consuming and burning love and James seems the perfect boy for her: popular and beautiful just like her, he had that serious way of making stupid jokes that broke Enya with laughter and gave her butterflies in her stomach. The thing is, James just want to be friends.

Enya feels her perfect shattering when, besides being refused by the boy she loved, Enya is forced to deal with an old enemy that is threatening to bring her shameful past to light. Would people still admire and envy Enya Uzton knowing what she did?

” I Thought that Enya Utzon was my Popular Twin! “

“Some years ago, I would have thought that Enya was my popular twin as I never liked social status, but loved to play with power. I’m not saying that those things has changed, but my perception of people’s essences has. I feel like there’s still a whole side of Enya that it is left off and hidden by Enya himself in this book. I’ll love to see if she can open up more to herself in the next book. I would love to see the characters’ grow (from being just teenagers into young adults),” Annelise Lestrange states.

Furthermore, Annelise comments that she really liked how Valentino changed views during the book, so that the reader could get a fuller picture and left little to imagination in terms of loose ends. Usually, she is not a fan of first person narratives, however, it worked just fine for Misunderstood.

” Sometimes We Desperately Want to Be Something or Someone “

Popularity does matter when you are a teenager trying to find yourself and figure out life in fear of others peoples’ judgement, Annelise profoundly implies in her review.

Annelise comments:”Valentino’s characters made me think of a very important aspect from teenage: sometimes, we desperately want to be something or someone, but we don’t reign in to our wishes, fearful of our “friends” judgment. Moreover, while growing up, this makes perfect sense as we HAVE TO fit in somewhere – and if this “where” is on the popular’s table, the better.”

“Overall, this book is a good gossip girls styled novel. If you like young adult romances, high school dramas and such, you totally need to read this!” Annelise ends in her review of “Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen”.

Despite the fact that Annelise feels that her “Gossip Girl” days are over and that the book has more potential, she gives the book three out of five stars.

Let’s hope that the sequel to “Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen” can fill Annelise Lestrange’s thirst for more insight into the young and beautiful protagonist, Enya Utzon, who allegedly has it ALL while living as a privileged society girl in Los Angeles.

Rating: 3/5 stars

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