nytcoverThis question was raised in the latest review of ‘Misunderstood Secrets of a Teen Queen’ by Blogger Monica also known as Queen Nicay and creator of TakeaPicwiththeAuthor.

Enya Uzton is a filthy rich teen girl. She’s a fashionista and a role model for many girls in the Los Angeles area. Responsibility comes with her position as Queen of Bel Air high school and therefor at times Enya does things that are not all admirable.

“At first, I really enjoyed how fantastic the concept of the story. All about a girl who has everything, but incapable of finding true happiness and love. She has the money, beauty, true and supportive friends. I really dived myself into her character at first, and I enjoyed all the scenes in the storyline. But, as the story went through the middle, I became irritated how the main character shifted from being a good person to such a brat in other situations,” Blogger, Monica aka Queen Nicay explains in the review.

Author, Anya Valentino comments: “I wanted to create a colorful main character with dilemmas and problems like everyone else. Only thing is, Enya Utzon isn’t just everyone else, so her problems are different and might be hard to relay to for many. I didn’t want to write another story from the geeky girl’s perspective, no offence!”

Anya smiles and continuous: “As the story unfolds and Enya has to fight for her honor and crown (at least in her own mind), she steps more and more into character. Doing so, she steps on a few toes on the way, also because that is just her life and the only one she knows how to live and be! Enya Utzon is by no means a perfect Queen even if she tries to be and sees herself as a “good person”! But then again who’s perfect, right?”

Anya smiles sarcastically and adds: “If YOU had the crown, would you be able to do things differently circumstances considered? Think about it for a second or two!”

To Author, Anya Valentino’s mind, the world isn’t just black and white. She thought it would be both fun and ironic to create a main character that wasn’t all good and at times even impossible to feel sympathy for but in her mind that makes her the more real.

Despite being partly unhappy with Enya Utzon’s character, Queen Nicay gives ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen 3.5 stars.

QueenNicay Rating Misunderstood

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