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” The protagonist wasn’t the most likable character! “

The young protagonist and Teen Queen, Enya Utzon, in the YA fiction novel ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ isn’t the usual, likable main character of a book. Enya Utzon doesn’t always do “the right thing”. In short, she could simply be described as the MEAN GIRL!

Sarah Elizabeth, admin of YA Buddy Readers’ Corner, comments: “Enya wasn’t the most likeable character for me, she could be downright mean at times, and I didn’t like how entitled she thought she was. I also disliked the way she told her friend that he couldn’t date someone because she was too much of a geek for him!”

Abbie adds: “I can’t say I really liked the main character in this. She annoyed me quite a few times.”

Author Anya Valentino comments: “Enya Uzton is in many ways a privileges girl. She is rich, beautiful and popular, however, she also feels very alone and not to mention misunderstood. She is young and ignorant and has big shoes to fill. Her so-called friends expect her to act and be a certain way, which pressures her – And being a BITCH is what she knows best after all.”

Anya continues: “Having a main character, who isn’t perfect is essential to me in this book. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s how people learn in life. Also, it was my intention to provoke the reader by having a protagonist, who doesn’t always do “the right thing” or isn’t even likable at times!”

Blogger Avantika Chatterjee profoundly comments: “We should stop looking at just one side of the story all the time which is pre-determined to be the ‘good side’ and I am very appreciative of the author for presenting ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ in such a beautiful way”. Read Avantika’s review here

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